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Looking at something is very different from seeing it.
You don't see somethng until you see its beauty.

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Continuous research, details study, cooperation with high level designers contribute to realize refined and unique settings, almost as a designed dress for a Hollywood cast star.


Years of experience and continuous technical updating, make palazzo nemo's cuisine a meditation moment through a refined culinary journey that does not miss land traditions and flavours of ancient time. Modern equipments help to create a rich gastronomic offer in a futuristic vision, able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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The bright environments characterized by large windows and the sensation of resting your feet on a water carpert, let you feel a lightness sensation while living an unforgettable moment in cristallo room. 

Born in the second half of 19th century, palazzo nemo boasts an old tuff stable where it is comfortable to meet for a cheeses and wines tasting coming from all over Italy.


The gardens surround all the rooms to become an exclusive panorama. The combination of exotic trees in a perfect union with the mediterranean vegetetion, gives unforgettable colors and sunset. 

The large swimming pool equipped with covered spaced and enclosed in a dedicated corner, lends itself to relaxing moments and great buffets arrangement for the most exclusive events.

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300, San Gennaro street

80035 Nola City (Naples)

Phone 0039 (0)81 5116830


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